More FAQs

I can’t find all the ingredients in the Food Standards Code
Not all permitted food ingredients are named in the Code, especially if pre-market approval is not required. Also there are often a number of synonyms for food additives and the name used overseas may not be the same as the name we use here in Australia, although INS numbers are aligned.

What about allergen labelling?
You must identify any of the allergens listed in the Food Standards Code if they or anything processed from them is present because its been intentionally added to a food. The Code prescribes the manner in which allergens must be declared. You may also want to consider precautionary labelling for allergens present due to cross-contact, because for example they are handled in the same production facility. At Brooke-Taylor & Co.

What Vitamins and Minerals can I add to my food?
That depends on what your food is. The ANZ Food Standards Code is very specific about which vitamins and minerals may be added to food and the foods they may be added to.

My new food is really healthy what can I say about it on the label?
The ANZ Food Standards Code does not allow therapeutic or prophylatic claims on food and has very strict rules about when you may and may not make claims on food labels and in advertising relating to health and nutrition.

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