Where can I find out what ingredients I can put in a food and what has to go on the label?
All food sold in Australia has to comply with the local Food Act in the State or Territory in which its being sold and with Nationally agreed Food Standards published in the Australia New Zealand Foods Standards Code by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).

Is my new food/ingredient a novel food and do I have to get it approved?
All novel foods are required to undergo pre-market approval but a new food or ingredient isn’t novel just because it’s new. Your new food or ingredient is only novel when it has:
a: no significant history of consumption in Australia or New Zealand,
b: characteristics and/or patterns of use raising questions about its safety, which warrant Authorities undertaking a health and safety assessment.

I want to import a new food product from overseas. Can you help me with ensuring the ingredients are permitted?
All foods imported into Australia for sale must comply with Australian food laws, including the ANZ Food Standards Code.

Is the US Nutrition Facts panel OK?
No, the label needs a Nutrition Information Panel in the specified ANZ format.

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